Procedures to Fabricate flanges with 5, 10 or 20 holes / Geometry to draw 5 points on circle / Penta

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hi everyone so today's topic is if you

want to fabricate a flange with five or

10 or 20 holes on its PCD then what do

you do and how to do why I selected this

or figure or figure means like five

seven nine these are some odd figures

because this type of transits are little

difficult than two four six eight or

twelve sixteen twenty for this type of

holes are quite easy than five seven

nine holes before going to the subject I

will show you some examples to do two

four six eight twelve sixteen or twenty

four holes on France PCT so let us do

this so what I did here is randomly draw

one circle and draw a straight line with

the center point

this is for the tools you can draw two

words through your PCD the second one I

will draw four volts