Drilling holes in wood. What drill bit to use. Drill holes in MDF, chipboard, timber, plywood.

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in this video I'd like to show you how

to drill in wood using different ed wood

drill bit so this is the most common

most popular wood drill bit

it just got small sharp tip added on the

top so this allows for nice start let's

see how this works so of course the

drill has a bit set on a drilling

position so I'd like to show you one tip

when you drill in wood so on the other

side this happens basically the board is

chipped if you don't if you like to

avoid this so the best if you can put it

on the other board press it together so

it's not moving so now when you jail on

the other side there's going to be

smooth nice finish

this is very useful when you want to

drill the holes for the cabo for the cup

of doors in a kitchen from and then you

need nice finish on the other side as