Drill big holes in 1" thick steel - Fastest way? - Iron - Metal - Aluminum - Large Drill Press

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hey what's up guys welcome back to the

shop my name is Gary and on this video

we are going to be taking a look at how

to drill large holes in thick steel

we've got some 1 inch thick by 4 inches

wide flat stock that we've cut up into 2

small pieces and we're using that as as

part of another project as you can see

here and if you're watching this

sometime in the future I'll link a video

to the to the project that this actually

is being built for but focus of this

video is kind of walk you through three

different methods to get a large hole

punch through thick steel so we're going

to take a look at an annular cutter

we're going to take a look at a one and

a half inch or one and five-eighths inch

twist drill and then we're going to look

take a look at using a regular hole saw

and we're going to time each one of them