How To Drill Acrylic And Other Brittle Plastics

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today I want to do a quick demo on how

to drill holes in acrylic and

polycarbonate another hard to drill

plastics the usual problem you have is

that the area around the hole will tear

out or crack the first thing that you

can do to take care of that is to change

the shape of the point of your drill so

this is a quarter inch drill bit that

it's actually a little dull on the tip

so I'm going to use it for this you put

your drill in reverse and you run it

against the grinder like this now this

is not like OSHA approved stuff here so

do this at your own risk but you run it

against the grinder so that you take off

the backside of the flute let's do this


ideally what you'll end up with is

something like this so you still have

most of the tip intact and you've gone