Easy Way To Drill Holes In Steel

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hello I just want to just spend a little

bit of time talking about drilling holes

into steel and something I've just kind

of come up with over the last few years

is using these annular cutters sometimes

they're called sheet metal hole cutters

it's just a set that you buy with a

different screw on cutter style this one

here goes from quarter inch to 3/4 inch

on standard sizes but you can get them

pretty big all the way up to an inch or

what have you but you know before I knew

about these I used to take a long time

to drill a hole let's say I wanted to

drill a 3/4 inch hole into some steel

you know I'd start with say a 3/16 built

bit work my way up from there just keep

drilling drilling drilling till you get

up to some of these bigger bets and if

anyone if you have ever used any of

these bits you know that they're very