How to Properly Drill a Hole in Metal

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hi I'm going to explain the proper way

to use a drill bit most people make two

mistakes when they're using a drill

they run the drill too fast and they

don't apply enough downward force on the

drill bit I'm going to start off with a

very small drill bit and a piece of 3/16

inch plate most of you guys are using

variable speed drills and for most holes

that you drill it should be on speed

number one speed number two is only for

the very small drill bits speed number

one is certainly for use when you're

using a stepper bit or anything bigger

than about quarter of an inch you should

always be on number one otherwise the

bit spins too fast it gets too hot when

it gets hot it ruins the drill bit then

you can't drill holes when you do

encounter a drill bit that's dull it

won't drill holes anymore don't hang on