How To Cut A Cornhole Board Hole With A Hole Saw

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hopefully we're not gonna cut off any

digits today or I don't know I don't

know what I'm saying I mean this thing

is heavy so if something goes wrong you

know I might lose a limb I am like a

simple fire by our it's good well we're

gonna do like totally I guess it's Ricky

here with that Valley Farm I'm very very

excited today got some brand new tools

in the shop and new tools always mean

fun fun fun fun so okay so we're gonna

have some fun today look I've got this

hole cutter and so you guys know we've

really really been ramping up our

cornhole board production and I've been

cutting the holes with my router and a

jig and that works great and everything

it just ties my router up and it's a

little cumbersome so I got this bad boy

right here I'm gonna call it big red I

got big red the other day and it's a