Super Easy Way to Drill Angled Holes!

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I was working on a project where I

needed to drill some angled holes into

some material so I wanted to figure out

if there was an easy way to do that

okay so this is the piece that we made

you can see how it turned out the hole

is now the bottom before the hole comes

out is cut off on an angle which is the

45-degree angle that we cut and now I

can take this piece this is a piece I

want to drill a hole into and I'm going

to place this piece on top of it and I'm

going to clamp it down a couple clamps


okay and then so now that time they're

securely and then arrested on here too

let's do scrap boards to just support it

to keep it up to the clamp to clear full

of the table and now I've got this drill

though so this drill bit is the same one

that I was using to drill this hole