How to drill stainless steel

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drilling sound steel like this can be

very difficult this is three one six

stainless which is non-magnetic this can

be very difficult to drill to follow

miss when you're drilling it can

actually work harden if it work items it

is almost impossible to drill so you can

spend a lot of time drilling stainless

if you do not follow all sorts of

precautions manly do not let it get

asked when you are drilling it once it

gets arts and it work items you will

have a much harder time drilling through

it this video is going to show you how

to drill this stainless which is only

three milliliters thick so it's not a

thicker stair most bolts it can't still

damage your drill bit and also it can be

very difficult to drill I have none

white where the olds need drilling I'm

now going to send to punch each of the