How to join 2 pieces of wood in the corner with a screw

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good morning everyone in our last video

we talked about how to connect two

pieces of wood in the corner to make a

box and we used nails we talked about

breaking the point on the end of the

nail so you don't split the board now

for the other side of this box today

we're going to use screws this is a

regular wood screw it's called the

chipboard screw in some countries the

most basic wood screw you're gonna find

everywhere the head of this screw can

you all see that

this is called the posi drive head and

there's a cross and there's an X can you

see that close up I hope so if you have

an electric screwdriver you need to put

the right bit for the right screw this

is a posi drive screw this is P Zed for

positive drive and P Zed - that's the

size so just make sure that your bit