Using Tapcon Concrete Screws To Secure Wood To Cinderblock

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hey everybody I'm here today to make a

quick video of myself using tapcon

concrete screws to secure this piece of

2x4 wood against this concrete wall now

right now the piece of wood is just

being held in place by this piece of

wood right here and some other pieces of

wood that are just sort of temporarily

holding it in place so basically I'm

going to start off by drilling a pilot

hole in the piece of wood and I'm just

going to be drilling it right about in

the middle right here now I'm just using

this drill bit right here I'm just going

to drill a pilot hole in the wood all

right now that I have drilled the pilot

hole in the wood I'm going to drill into

the concrete using this concrete drill

bit now the concrete drill bit is just

slightly smaller than the thickness of

the tapcon concrete screw so basically I