How to use a hole saw to cut metal with a cordless drill

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not going to cost an inch and 3/4 all in

some six millimeter thick steel using an

old saw this is a relatively easy job to

do this time we're going to do it and

acquire this drill already demonstrated

how to do it in a pillow drill to do

this you're going to need a good set of

safety glasses and you're also going to

need some kind of lubricant we will be

using this drilling cutting and tapping

fluid that will keep the old soil cool

and it will also lubricate it when we

are pushing through this thickish piece

of steel when you're using your drill to

drill through metal you should always

start off with a center punch where you

want the drill to start that will stop

the drill bit from wondering when you

are starting the all another important

thing when drilling metal is to always

drill a pilot hole a pilot Hall is an