How to SCREW wood together | 2 Minute Tuesday

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oh boy have I got a fun one for you

today today today today today we are

going to learn how to screw two bits of

wood together this is two minute Tuesday

so back in the days when I used to

skateboard we used to like rob grannies

we used to smash window and joke and we

didn't do any of that we used to build

ramps and we always struggled with the

bit we put the screws in because the

material would sometimes separate you

now heads poking out it was a bit

dangerous and a bit dodgy so this is how

you do it properly two minutes on the


let's go okay so like I said what a lot

of people do at this point is they'll

just pick up the screw and they'll pick

up a drill that looks a little bit

smaller than the screw they'll pile it a

hole through that pilot a hole through