How to use a diamond core drill

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There may come a time when you need to put a large all through a wall perhaps for

a tumble drier or perhaps for a soil pipe and the best way to accomplish it

is by using a core drill like this. This is a diamond core drill so it's got

segmented diamonds welded on the end there it's essential when you get one of

these that you get the correct size because if you do put it a hole through

your wall and it's too small if you want to enlarge it afterwards it's really

difficult and a lot of messing about so in order to use a the core drill you're

going to need an arbor and this screws into the back of the core drill there's

generally two types of these available there's a standard one that goes in a standard

chuck or is this type which is for an SDS drill so when you screwed the arbor

into the back of the core drill you then need to insert the pilot drill which

just drops into the middle and that's a taper fitting so there is nothing for it to

grab hold of apart from the actual taper when you push that in there the friction

on the two tapers will hold that in position

so this is the drill I'm going to be using it's a very powerful drill and

whenever you're using core drills it's essential that you make sure that you

drill has a safety clutch on it because if it hasn't you could have a

really bad accident so it's essential that you drill has got a safety clutch

and also when you're doing a job like this you need a pair of gloves and a

pair of safety glasses I've placed the mark there, where I want me hole to be and I've made

sure that there's no cables or buried pipes in the wall, I actually know this