Drilling a 2.5 inch hole through stucco for a mini split air conditioner, using a Diablo carbide bit

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hey folks I wanted to give you a quick

demo today on how to use a hole saw on a

standard cordless drill to drill through

a stucco wall and typically you'd want

to do this for installing a line set for

a mini split air conditioner something

like that so here I started with a

cordless drill that had a nice gear box

and you could do it at low speed but the

battery was dead so switched over to the

cheap drill no gearbox actually it broke

in speed control and it works fine you

can see when you hit the wire in the

stucco it'll jerk the drill but it's not

a problem you quickly get through the

wall getting forward about 45 seconds

here and you pull out the plug for the

stucco so no problem there you can see

the wire here where where you hit it

where it catches on the drill but it's a

carbide tip drill and it goes cuts right