Using a Cheap Amazon Masonry Hole Saw

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welcome I need to drill a hole in some

brick at my house at two and a half inch

hole to run some venting Pike and in

this video I'm going to be checking out

this this cheap a hand for all 65

millimeter SDS bit so I got this on

Amazon I'll put a like the description

of this and if you buy one using that

like it helps me out a little bit it

doesn't cost you anything extra so this

is a carbide tip hole saw and I have not

opened this yet

so I'm taking a look at it for the first

time so this has these little carbide

teeth on it and this is the I don't we

call this hard work maybe and this has

an SDS connection on it and then we have

the pilot bit there I think this is a

quarter-inch that looks a little bigger

than quarter-inch

there's the pilot drill and have a lock