How to drill through a wall

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welcome back guys and what windows today

is the basics of drilling through a wall

safely so what you can do first is

establish where you need to the hole to

be internally and externally so you can

take measure and measure it all out and

once you're happy you know mark the wall

on the outside and it would be better it

fell it fell into the water but I don't

really like drilling through the mortar

anyway so first things first guys

glasses and gloves so you actually PPE

for the day and you're gonna get your

smallest drill bit SDS drill it may be a

10 or 12 mil and ideally the smaller the

better and this is going to cover this

is aimed at gas pipes it can cover

cables etc but what I would do with

cabling is shieff it with plastic PVC

pipe instead of copper pipe but we're

gonna do now