How to Drill a Hole in Metal (1/4" Steel)

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in this video I want to show you the

basics of drilling big holes through

thick steel I'm right in the middle of a

metal fabrication project right now I'm

I'm making these parts this is for a

stair railing project and may show you

that later this is the material that I'm

using to make these lugs that are welded

to this threaded end cap so this is

quarter-inch thick mild steel and I need

to make half-inch diameter holes I don't

really have any special equipment here I

just have a drill press but the

technique the method I'm going to be

showing you now is suitable for drilling

all kinds of thick steel thick mild

steel no matter what you're doing so

let's go over to the drill press and

I'll show you how it all happens so

here's one of the lugs that I've already

made and if you take a close look at