How to Get Out of Functional Depression

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what is depression well according to Google depression is feelings of severe

despondency and dejection whenever it comes to depression there seems to be

two main forms that we can categorize it in and that's important because the

category that your depression might be in can tell you how you should approach

it so the first is something called dysfunctional depression this is when

everything on the outside should indicate happiness however on the inside

you feel the common symptoms of depression things like loss of interest

in things that you once enjoyed the regularities and sleeping being tired

without energy and trouble concentrating however there is another type of

depression one called functional depression and this is when you're

experiencing a low in your life due to environmental causes so what is so

special about something called functional depression well unlike

dysfunctional depression which is usually approached with medicine or

therapy functional depression you can actually control it by changing your

environment now in my life I'd say there are two times that I had depression and

both were functional meaning that they had a reason number one was in early

high school and this was more just social anxiety that presented itself in

the symptoms of depression so I'm not gonna really count it everyone has

social anxiety at some point and I should have had the symptoms of

depression because I really sucked having conversations with other people

eventually throughout high school I worked on it my confidence improved and