Creative Shutter Drag Technique. Using flash and ambient light for cool Glamour shots and Portraits

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hey gang thanks for checking out this

week's episode of the last frame in this

episode I'm going to show you two images

that use a technique called shutter drag

but I'm going to add some drastic camera

motion to the mix for a really cool

outcome stay tuned


before I get into my shots let's make

sure you're up to speed on what shutter

drag is and why you would use it

shutter drag or dragging the shutter is

a flash technique you can do it with

speed lights or mono lights and it can

be used in a studio or on location

depending on the circumstances and the

results that you're after we all learn

very quickly than when using electronic

flash the light falls off rapidly and a

single flash tends to make for a very

dark background when I was a newspaper