Excel Video 166 DATE, YEAR, MONTH, and DAY

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hi this is excel video 166 in more

solutioning com-series videos on how to

use Excel and medical practice just a

quick note if you don't see the blog

entries either through the MTA make so

use your community or on my blog you

might find those helpful if you go

through and watch these videos that I

try to explain what I'm doing in between

the videos and the blog hopefully learn

a little bit about how Excel works all

that said I want to do four really

really basic functions today but then

put them together to show you something

that's I think helpful ah let's start

with on some really basic stuff here

here's my date and there's a function

called year that will tell you the year

of what's in g1 a month will tell you

what month it is the day will tell you

what day it is and your really really