macOS Sierra Tutorial: Find the 3 finger drag setting!

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for those of you that use a trackpad to

control your Mac the option to use a

three finger drag on the trackpad rather

than a click and drag has been moved a

three finger drag lets you just touch

three fingers on the trackpad at once to

do the same task as a press or click and

then drag on the trackpad or with a

click and drag on a mouse basically it's

going to eliminate the need to press on

the trackpad in order to drag I've used

it for a couple years now and really

liked it in Serie three finger drag is

no longer available in the trackpad


instead to activate it or deactivate it

we need to go into the accessibility

preference pane then to the mouse and

trackpad section and into trackpad

options here we can enable three finger

drag we also have some drag lock options