How to use the Surface Pen | Microsoft

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>> It was very important for us as we're building

Windows 10 to make sure that this

does more than just take handwritten notes,

sign your name or circle something.

We want to make it, so that you can use your Surface Pen

as a mouse and a keyboard throughout Windows.

So I want to show you a bit about how that works.

By default, your pen will behave like a mouse throughout Windows.

So as I press the Start Menu or if

I'm scrolling through the different apps and tiles that I have,

click and drag is just press and hold,

and move your Pen across the screen.

It will behave like that mouse.

Now, if I want to right-click on something,

on the barrel of my Pen,

this flat edge here,

is where I have this button.

I'm going to press and hold on this right-click button,

and then tap anywhere on the screen.

That's going to perform the right-click

function wherever I'd like.