How To Use MacBook Pro TrackPad Gestures (Touch Pad)

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what's up guys welcome to dance how-to

videos in this video we're going to

continue our look at the MacBook Pro and

I'm going to show you how to use the

multi-touch gestures with the trackpad

here so without further ado let's get

started on some of the simple gestures

first off is a very simple gesture all

you do is one finger tap this will open

up the apps most of the apps at the

bottom here on your dock so let's just

open up Chrome one finger tap and it'll

open up like that

the next gesture is the double click all

obviously if you've used any computer

double clicking opens up some folders

and some files

this one right here requires a double

top so I'm going to double tap it and it

will open it up like that one of the

features that took me a while to find