How to Create Shortcuts to Websites on your Desktop

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hey guys welcome back to another tech

tip and in today's video I'm going to

show you how to create shortcuts to your

favorite websites check it out now that

we're over at the computer this is going

to be a very simple very quick and easy

process what I want you to do is go

ahead and locate an empty space on your

desktop which is basically where your

your icons are going to be just find an

empty space what you're gonna do is

you're going to go ahead and right-click

come on down and hover over the word new

and as you hover over kind of slide to

the right and then left click on the

word that says shortcut once you do that

and new window is going to appear and

this is where we're going to type in any

website that you want to make your

favorites so if we want to make for

example we wanted to make like an icon