iMovie Tutorial 2019 - How to Import Media in iMovie

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hey how's it going folks et here with

another iMovie tutorial in today's

tutorial we're gonna show you how to

import media into your iMovie project

let's start by opening up iMovie and

we're gonna go ahead and create a new

project the first thing you want to do

is make sure you're on the project sub

tab here okay then you're gonna go ahead

and click create new and then movie

okay so there's several ways to actually

import media into iMovie first we're

gonna go to the file menu then you're

gonna go to import media also you can

use that shortcut there for the command

key and the letter I from here you're

gonna locate the media on your computer

or external drives that are connected to

the computer and then select so let's go

ahead and do that for this example I

have the file stored on the desktop in a