How to| Import from iPhotos to iMovie 10.1.4

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hey what's happening guys is your boy ml

with Gela I'm in tech today I want to

show you how to transfer your photos

from iPhoto Zoar your videos from my

photos into I movies guys this took me

like two hours trying to figure this out

and I just could not I don't know if

it's a glitch from Apple or something

but it was driving me crazy okay it went

to a point I had to transfer photos from

iPhoto z-- into my desktop and then drag

them over here because when you drag

them directly from my photos it just

doesn't do anything you can see that I'm

trying to drag this video file right

here it's not doing anything even if you

did photos as well it's the same thing

it just doesn't do anything right so I'm

like what the hell you know I don't want

to go through the multiple steps

dragging it into desktop and then from