Drag Tuning Guide | Forza Horizon 4

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hey everyone I'm hokey Hoshi and today

let's talk about drag racing now we're

gonna start this video by talking about

mods and car selection and then we'll

get into tuning and some driving tips

drag racing is built off an entirely

different rule set from the other racing

disciplines like rally or Street so

let's start by looking at what's

important in a drag car the car we're

gonna be looking at today is the Chevy

Nova Forza Edition which out of the box

is already a pretty good drag build so

the first thing you want to be looking

for in your build is the power-to-weight

ratio you can find this value by taking

the weight of your vehicle and dividing

it by its power now keep in mind I'm in

the US and your units might be different

but it still works as a valid reference