How to Move a TRACK | AUDACITY | Moving a track in Audacity

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hi guys and gals Glenn here I just

wanted to do a quick tutorial on moving

a track or moving a part of a track last

time I was explaining the duplicating

and moving and some people just want to

know how to move a track a couple

different ways you can do it one is you

can go to the track here that you want

to move let's say that we want to move

this top track down so you just click on

the word audio track that's like a menu

that pulls out and here we can name it

split the stereo track do all kinds of

stuff but we can also move track upward

down so we're gonna move the track down

and by clicking on it it moves the track

down if you want to move the track up

click on it and move track up another

thing that we can do is just simply grab

the track by left clicking it clicking

in the blank space here and what it