Photoshop Elements Tip: Move Text on Text Tool

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hey y'all I have another quick tip here

for you regarding text now when I grab

my text tool and I begin typing a word

or a sentence let's say have a great day

and I've changed it you know to Center

and it moves over but I want to move it

and and I always have to accept it go to

move and move it around there is

something that you can do to make life a

little bit easier for you so let's go

back to our text tool and do this over

and I'm actually going to make this a

little bit bigger so you can see it and

click have a great day and let's say I

didn't want this centered I wanted to

left a line if I hold down my control

key you see it brings up the bounding

box so now instead of having to click to

go to my move tool I can move it around

while my text is still my text tool is

still the active tool and I can even