How To Drag Bodies And Other Items In Skyrim!

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hey guys and welcome to my first ever

Skyrim tutorial today I'm going to show

you how to drag things in Skyrim and if

you're on PlayStation 3 button you're

going to be using is X if you're on Xbox

to button you're gonna be holding is a

and if you are on PC the button you're

going to be holding is e so first you

want to find something so let me just

drop something real quick so we're going

to start off with this piece of armor

right here what you want to do is press

and hold down the button I had told you

for your console before so for me it's

gonna be X and then this happens when

that thing disappears you just keep on

holding X you can walk around and it's

hard because you're kind of holding down

X but if you need to take something

somewhere that's what is necessary you

can sprint with it but if you go too