0004 Blender Selection methods 1

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all right now another very important

lesson is selecting things okay this is

huge this is like one of those things

you should write down all right new

scene click on your object X delete add

mesh and let's go into something that

has a little bit more geometry like all

a UV sphere okay zoom in on the object

get it to about right here and then hit

tab if you need to stop the video stop

the video just to get here let's go to

edge and hold alt and shift so this is

your main thing you're going to be using

alt and shift a lot alt and shift allows

you to highlight edge loops and I can

highlight many edge loops using alt and

shift anytime I want to deselect I could

just click over here it'll deselect it

so an edge loop goes all the way around

the surface like this until it gets

stopped by something let's say alt and