Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636 Quarter Mile Drag

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here we are just at the drag strip

so first I'm a drag strip on a black in

your car before my GTR first time on the

bike so I'm pretty excited see what we

can run I'm pretty realistic I know it's

harder to launch at a drag strip up in

the car it was very different than just

launching the road so I will be happy

with a 12-hour Aiken for a 612 you know

pretty good 11s very good 10 is pretty

much as good as going to get a 600 so if

I can get a 12 will be happy but we'll

see and it can happen it's a bit of fun

it's really friggin hot it's like thirty

or thirty four degrees right now so tire

I'll stick but it's freaking hot sitting

there and leathers wearing full leathers

I'm wearing boots and I never wear boots

so if I miss a gear I blame the boots

because I'm not used to them but I'm

yeah it's excited let's do this exciting