Forza Horizon 4 - How To Use ADVANCED LAUNCH CONTROL! Tutorial

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how's it going everyone Jake xvx a back

on Forza horizon for once again but a

little bit of your tutorial video here

for you today I did a tutorial on this

back in fall to Horizon 3 however I've

grown a lot since then and I want to do

it again before 2004 because of there's

the symmetric things to add to it as

well and that is how to do advanced

launch control in 4 - horizon for now

this isn't just as simple as holding the

brake on the accelerator who ain't going

to brake there's some a few other bits

and bobs that go into it which make it

pretty cool you may have seen me do it

in a few of my previous videos and I

have seen a few people in the

conversation asking how did you do that

Jake how did you do that now I'm gonna

give a slight demonstration of what this

advantage launch controller is capable