The Crew 2 - Drag Racing Tutorial

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hey folks I'm going to show you a

tutorial on how to drag race really well

on the crew - so it's kind of a unique

discipline there's some unique mechanics

that you have to get down mainly the

shifting and the timing and it's all

about getting through the gears really

good in this particular discipline so

you're gonna see here as the race starts

you get three runs this is run number

one you have to get that meter in the

left little green bar for the eight

seconds within eight seconds you see how

I keep it in that little green bar on

the left okay so that gives me a perfect

burn and then as soon as we launch I'm

gonna be using full boosts full boost

shift with our one shift shift in the

green bar and then as soon as it gets to

the green bar shift again and then

you're boosting all the way through and