How To Launch A Manual Transmission Car

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hello everyone and welcome in this video

we're going to be learning how to launch

a manual transmission vehicle and for

this video I am going to be in the 2016

Volkswagen Golf R now we're going to

work through the different steps and

talk about you know some of the

different situations you may be in in

order to optimize your 0 to 60 launch as

well as kind of how this system works in

order to understand how to get a better

time and so the first step and by far

the easiest all you're going to do is

press in the clutch and so you're going

to want to be on a flat surface

absolutely you're not rolling around

anywhere at least for the start of this

you want us a nice flat surface so the

vehicle remains stationary as you press

in the clutch even without your foot on

the brake so that's step number one step