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okay so let's be honest you've been

doing drag for like a year or you want

to get into it but you have no clue

what's next well we're going to talk

about it today let's get into it so hi

guys my name is room I've been doing

drag for like three years I think I have

a lot to share there are a billion

tutorials on YouTube showing you how to

do drag makeup but what let's beyond

that how do you pick your drag name your

drag style or how do you promote

yourself on social media there is a lot

to drag that people who do not tell and

I want to get into this but this is the

first video of a lot that I'm going to

make and in this video and in this area

we're going to talk about identity how

do you get started how do you dip your

toes into the world of the drag queens

the wig ladies the performers the queer