TUCKING TUTORIAL | Talking With The Tuck - Episode 2

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hey treaty chasers welcome to another

episode of talking with the TUC today

we're going to be talking about my tuck

these are the products that I used to

get my [ __ ] perfect starting right to

left these are the order that I use and

I'm going to tell you about each one so

some of these products that I use are

not meant to go on the body so I am in

no way telling you to put some of these

products on your body this is just what

I use

so disclaimer don't be saying Trinity

said to put this on her body because if

something falls off it ain't my fault

okay I use these on my own body and if

something falls off well girl I have so

many plastic parts I'll just put

something else on so starting right over

here we have spray adhesive I use

Elmer's crazy stuff because it's cheap