Alyssa Edwards' Secret - Tongue Popping 101

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my name is Alyssa Edwards and this is

Alyssa's secret okay we're about to do a

class hold on for a second the snap

crackle pop derives from a little bit of

shade blocking so for Queens gonna come

up to you baby and be like oh girl you

was this that I just be like that's

scrub off girl ain't even got time to

fool with you ain't even gonna answer oh

come on get up out of my space play to

come on you're clogging the air of over

here and I haven't perfected it because

you know as a little kid I was always

bopping around making all these porkies

noises and gestures and then one

day I was at the club probably getting

read by some queen or and I was

like girl there with the rest is her

street okay what you do is you put your

tongue on the roof of your mouth and you

suck in as much air as you can and then