How to Move Images in Google Docs

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this is Darius from the rabbit pad calm

and in this video I'm going to show you

how to insert a photo or a picture in

Google Docs and also how to move that

photo within Google Docs so that it

appears exactly where you want it to

appear so I have this document and I

want to insert a picture inside of this

document so I'm going to grab an image

that I got from unsplash and I'm just

going to insert it inside of the article

and as you can see let me zoom out so

that you can see a whole page and as you

can see it broke the text the picture is

in the middle of the text and it

actually splits the paragraph now if

that is what you want that is fine but

if I try to move the picture it almost

gets treated as if it's just another

character or a letter in your document

if you want your photo to position