How To Move Pictures In Microsoft Word-Tutorial

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hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to move pictures in Microsoft Word

this will be an easy step-by-step

tutorial so let's get right to it as you

can see right here I have this picture

in Microsoft Word and if I scroll up you

can see that I have this text right here

now when you have a picture in Microsoft

Word and you move it around you can go

ahead and move it wherever you want to

move it but as you can see right here it

doesn't really look great when you just

drag it around like that

it doesn't really look the way most

people would want it to look now the key

to moving a picture the proper way in

Microsoft Word moving a picture properly

is to right-click on the picture and you

are going to go to the wrapped text

option and these are the options that

are going to give you the look that you