MacBook How to Drag and Drop Files!

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hey guys so I'm going to show you the

drag and drop on a Mac because for some

reason it's not enabled by default so

what you want to do first is go into

your system preferences so click on the

Apple logo right there in the top left

and then click on system preferences now

after this you're gonna click on

accessibility right here okay now what

you want to do on the web side is scroll

down you can just use two fingers on

your trackpad to scroll down and then

you're going to click on point their

control and then you're gonna quick make

sure you're on mouse or trackpad which

is a bulb and then you're gonna click on

trackpad options now from here you see

right here an able dragging I'll just

check that off and then right here

you're gonna click on three finger drag

and then this press okay okay so let's