Photoshop Drag and Drop Fix for CS6 CS5 CS4 Windows 7, Windows 8 And Windows 10

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hi guys welcome to my channel first of

all thank you so much for watching all

my videos and today's video is actually

about Photoshop now I had a I came

across a problem with the drag-and-drop

so thought of video videos because I saw

and now let me show you as an example

actually it is applicable to CS 4 5 & 6

most people actually you know the

quarrel of videos and stuff saying that

you know go to go to the Photoshop I can

click on properties go to compatibility

and now under compatibility run this as

an administrator or you know tick any of

those you know tick go antique and then

it'll work for you basically it doesn't

work for me right for some reason on

Windows 7 I'm kind of into 7 doesn't

work on that this is the windows 8 it

doesn't work on that and the I could

have intersting as well I've got three