[2019] How to Transfer Photos/Videos from iPhone to Any Mac!!

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how's it going everybody I'm Daniel

you're watching that about that in today

I'm going to show you something

extremely useful and very easy but that

a lot of people don't know and that is

how to transfer photos from your iPhone

to your Mac okay a lot of people think

that it's complicated in e-juice iTunes

or download an external software or

something like that but know everything

you need is already in place you don't

need to download anything in the process

is very easy you may be asking yourself

why would you want to transfer photos

from your iPhone to your mat and the

reason number one is storage for example

I have over 7000 photos on my iPhone and

even though I keep a lot of those photos

in iCloud I have to pay extra for that

iCloud storage and even for security

reasons maybe you don't want to leave