Click-and-drag page breaks in Excel

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hello and welcome to show me academy.com

in this tutorial we're going to show you

how to click and drag page breaks in

Microsoft Excel 2007 first of all I want

explain explained briefly that in

previous tutorial we had shown you how

to insert and remove page breaks if you

go up here to the page Layout tab

there's an option here for breaks and

from here you can insert a page break or

you can remove a page break or you can

reset all page breaks

however the options to insert or remove

or reset don't always give us the finite

degree of control that we need or we

want to tweak a page break by a column

or two or by a row or two let me

illustrate to you what I'm talking about

here I have this table of NFL statistics

and everything looks fine however if I

were to print this data it would be a