Modern Combat 5: Blackout: Tips and Tricks #2 - "Controls/Sensitivity!"

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hello YouTube what is up this is cool

mark bringing you another video and

today we have a highly requested highly

highly requested video you guys have

been asking for it so much you guys want

tips and tricks here we go episode 2

about three months later I made my first

one it wasn't it wasn't that good it's

pretty undeveloped but this one I was

going to going into specific details

about sensitivity in controls if you

have not already seen the title so this

is going to be tips and tricks episode

number 2 sensitivity and control so

first of all if you don't know how to

change any of these you do is you have

this little gear icon in the top right

and you tap the control settings and

right here you can see a lot of people

have been asking for my settings for my

sensitivity my sensitivity is 88% I