2.1 Dragging Code & Numbers in Excel

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okay so we're gonna do Excel in here so

for this we first want to look at

dragging numbers dragging numbers and

then dragging patterns and then we'll

look at dragon code and then locking

cells okay if you want to increase the

size you can just double click here that

just gets it to the size of the largest

one okay so dragging numbers first of

all I'm gonna put one into that cell

just one if we want to copy the number

all the cells down you look at that on

that black cross and then you click and

hold and you just drag down and you're

making all one there so that's nice and

dandy and you can drag it across as well

if you want or yeah and then so I'm

going to pull it back up to here so

that's cool so if you drag it down one

number then it would just change all of

the numbers like that if you have a