How to Cheat to Fill a Sim's Needs

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hey guys seaweed from tribal soup

project here welcome to another episode

of sensational you're watching the how

to cheat series and today I am going to

show you guys I'm very useful Qi and

that's how to instantaneously fill the

needs of all your sims in your household

or even just one sim from your household

at a time and in some instances the

needs of every sim within your

neighborhood so as always the first

thing you're gonna need to do is to open

up the cheap box by pressing and holding

ctrl and shift on your keyboard and

pressing the letter C as you can see our

two boxes opened up in the top left hand

corner so the next thing we need to do

is to turn on our testing sheets and the

code for that is testing cheats space

true but then you hit enter and as you