Drag and Drop Between VirtualBox Host And Guest Machines

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which guy's going to have a video here

for you in this one we're going to be

looking at how we can copy text or drag

and drop files from our main machine

here which you can see to our VirtualBox

okay now our virtual machines are really

useful and if you want to use the two so

for instance I'm using say Windows 8

here as you can see inside our windows 7

base machine now the one here my Windows

7 machine is my main operating system

and this is my VirtualBox okay

on this machine now if you want to copy

and paste text between the two of these

it can be a pretty difficult if you

don't set it up right and it's pretty

easy to do once you know how ok so for

instance if I want to copy this text

here on my main machine which is this

machine here to my VirtualBox machine so

and let me just quickly try and paste