Move multiple apps on iPhone using iOS 11 drag and drop

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using drag-and-drop with iOS 11 on your

iPhone to bulk organize your home screen

the iPad gets lots of love for

drag-and-drop and rightfully so because

it's sort of a headlining feature for

iOS 11 drag and drop on the iPad but did

you know you can use drag and drop in

some instances on your iPhone right now

yes if you're running iOS 11 you can use

it just like this to drag multiple app

icons on your home screen at the same

time I actually showed this in our iOS

11 feature video but here on the iPhone

it works as well

organizing apps on the home screen using

drag-and-drop it's that easy so I moved

all those apps from the bottom to the

top but what if you wish to move

multiple apps into a folder well I'm

going to show you how to do so right now

all you need to do is place your device